Hello people! 

So a little while back I was contacted asking to take part in an interview regarding me as an illustrator and my work.

Have a little read, you’ll find out some interesting things about me:


With thanks to FIREGNAT.

I often get questions from you guys about my work, if any of you would like to know how I create some of my work or any questions about anything.. fire them over. Its always good to get involved.

The meaning of life is 42, so don’t ask that.


Here is a peep into yesterday’s sketchbook.

For those of you that use twitter, follow me @joehance


This little sweetie is from my JOE-BOTS swap book.

You can get yourself a copy over on my Etsy.com shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JoeHance

Cool eh?


Some Easter doodles that I’m sharing with you people.

Has anyone else eaten too much chocolate?



A little throw together for easter! Working a little differently to usual in adobe Illustrator. 

Those of you that follow me on Twitter would have noticed this upload yesterday. Its an Easter treasure hunt map!

Me and fellow illustrator Sam Gregory put this together for some kids using our Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator wizardry.

Easter is coming…

I have been busy as busy can be in Pre-Press land! But no fear! I’m back working on my self promotion. Importantly my stickers and more envelopes have arrived! I have a few more things to tidy up, a PDF. portfolio of selected work and possibly my website page www.joehance.co.uk

Shall I pop these self promotion packs on my Etsy.com shop?

It may not be a doodle on an envelope for Doodle on envelopes throughout March. but I thought it was worth a reblog, feeling pretty peckish!


Midnight Lunch! - An illustration of when I was younger; I would sometimes not eat my dinner then sneak downstairs when everyone is asleep to make myself a midnight lunch! Shhhhh

The sun has arrived! At last, out come the flowers and the bees!

Drawing on envelopes throughout March

Here is today’s submission

It was only a matter of time before I ended up drawing some robots on envelopes

Drawing on envelopes throughout March

Today I drew a purple monster on the back of an envelope..

Throughout March I will be producing artwork on envelopes, any suggestions of topics / things to draw would be fantastic!

Enjoy the sun followers